Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Character Sheet

Character:  Nine-toes
Player: Jeremiah
Human Monk
Age:  24          Born:  February 14, 1626
Ht:  5' 8"  Wt:  170lbs
Level: 2
XP: 3761
Next Lvl:  4751
AC: 7 (no armor, -3 for monk)
HP:  20 (current 20)
THACO:  20

STR:  16 (1-3 open doors, 10%)
INT:  9
WIS:  15 (+1 magical attack adjustment)
CON:  13 (75% system shock; 80% resurrection survival)
DEX:  16 (+1 to initiative, AC not affected for monk)
CHA:  11 (max henchman 4... provided they've never been to Stuttgart)

Saving Throws
Rod, Staff, Wand  13
Breath Weapons  12
Death/Paralysis  14
Petrification/Poly  16
Spells (see traits)  15


Eyes: sky blue
Hair: ash blonde, thick and coarse and with thorough greying.
Skin: caucasian

Composition: Character gains a +3 modifier to saves against sunstroke.
Agility: Character requires one more round than normal to load any form of crossbow.

Gymnastics: The character is able to perform handwalking, round offs, side aerials, kip-ups, a back walkover, the splits and frontbending.

Reflexes: Character possessed of a 20% ability to pick pockets (does not improve with level).

Conflict Cards:

Persuade:  +1 to influence others
Fortitude:  (*2)  Quell an insulted or angry response


Mercenary parent (+1 weapon proficiency)
Reputation as a liar in Stuttgart area (cannot obtain new hirelings from Stuttgart, hirelings have morale of 10)
Missing a toe (-2 to any roll in which he may lose balance)
Poor heart (cannot hold breath longer than 20 seconds, -1 movement per 4000' above sea level)
Talent:  Can detect a cursed item/location with a save vs. death/paralysis roll
Talent:  Saves against all magic at one level higher than actual level

Monk Abilities

1d4 open hand damage
Chance to stun for 1-6 rds with a roll exceeding the needed to-hit roll by 5 or more
Movement rate of 6
+1 point of damage to weapon attacks with every other hit
Thief Abilities:
        Open Lock   34%
        Find/Remove Traps   25%
        Move Silently   21%
        Pick Pockets    20%
        Hide in Shadows   15%
        Hear Noise    10%
        Climb Walls   86%



Equipment Worn
Hvy crossbow on belt, string (10lbs, 1oz)
Quarterstaff (Khamsin) (4 lbs) [carried]
Adventurer's wear (13 lbs 9oz) [worn]
Moneybelt (7oz) [worn]
218 gp, 4 sp 5 cp (3 lbs, 14 oz) [in moneybelt]
Regular belt (4oz) [worn]
Backpack (3 lbs, 2 oz) [worn]
Cotton gloves (2 oz) [worn]
5 large belt pouches (2 lbs 15 oz) [3 on belt, two in sack]
19 hvy bolts (1 lbs, 13oz) [in backpack]
20 Caltrops (12 oz) [beltpouch 2]
compass, hand (3oz) [beltpouch3]
Tinderbox  (3 oz) [in beltpouch 3]
Lay Person's rosary (4 lbs 5oz) [beltpouch 3]
Handful of pebbles [beltpouch3]
Thieve's pick (1 oz) [in boot]
Bowl, eating (1 oz) [backpack]
2 spare hvy crossbow strings (11 oz) [in backpack]
2 spare triggers (3 lbs) [in backpack]
Crowbar [in backpack] (5lbs)
5 apples [in backpack] (1 lb 6 oz)

total on person:  54 lbs 7 oz

2 Large sacks [1 in saddle bags, one on Klaas] (4 lbs, 8oz)
9 torches [in sack] (14 lbs 11oz)
50' rope [in sack] (7 lbs 8oz)
Commoner's outfit, in large sack (in sack)

total in saddlebags: 22 lbs 6 oz

Light War Horse
Saddle [on horse]
Saddle blanket [on horse]
Bit [on horse]
Bridle [on horse]
Saddle bags [on horse, see sack contents]
14 days of feed [in saddlebags] (26.6 lbs)

48 gp, 70 sp in large sack

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  1. Total weight carried, please. I'd like everyone to keep track of their encumberance.